General information
Type Website
City Seattle, Washington
SplashFace is a parody of YouTube

It has been mentioned at least once on all Seasons of iCarly and Victorious.

What videos can be found on SplashFace:

  • Carly, Kayla and Sam making fun of Mrs. Briggs pointy boobs
  • Fred is dead
  • World's Fattest Priest Jump Roping Without Shirt On
  • Fred Goes Swimming
  • The School Talent Show
  • Carly Shay Calls Out Shelby Marx
  • Shelby Disappointed on Carly Shay
  • Hate Me Love Me videoclip
  • Ginger Fox washes her hair... with blue cheese!
  • Hamster in My Pasta
  • The Foot who talks Removed and re-uploaded as Talking Feet
  • Ginger Fox PMAs performance
  • Spencer Shay's 20 second movie The Alien, The Space Hamster and the Burrito
  • Nevel's fake press conference video which is about Carly, Kayla and Sam planning to push Shelby's grandmother down
  • Marta Trundel's SplashFace page
  • Nevel yelling at a little girl.

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