Shay's Apartment
Shay's Apartment
General information
Type Apartment Home
City Seattle, Washington

Shay's Apartment is where most of iCarly takes place it is a three-story apartment with a private elevator in Bushwell Plaza apartment number 8-C.

The first floor which rests on the eighth floor of the building has a living room with a connected kitchen (with a fully functional sink with real plumbing on set) Spencer's bedroom is on the first floor as well near the Shay's bathroom Spencer likes to call his bedroom The Chamber of Awesomeness and has adorned it with random decorations as shown in a gallery on

Shay's Apartment Loft

Directions of the Apartment

The stairs along with the cargo elevator are both located towards the back of the apartment.

The second floorhe building's ninth floor never seen on-screen until iGot a Hot Room houses Carly's bedroom There is a second bathroom on the second floor mentioned on the episodes iGive Away a CariHave My Principals (Carly has taken showers in both episodes) and on the episode iPie where Sam locks herself in the bathroom to eat a piece of pie and is finally seen in iToe Fat Cakes The possibility of other rooms is also open.

The third floor the building's tenth floor is better known as the iCarly Studio It is also known to be a sort of space behind the studio where iCarly guests wait to be introduced onto the show.

The apartment also comes with it's own built-in cat who's currently stuck behind the wall This cat was only mentioned once.


  • The Shay's living room is decorated with collections of insulated drink containers older model transistor radios stereos and telephones and models of gummy bears There is no mention as to which family member collected these items.
  • The Shay's downstairs bathroom has never so far been shown in the series.
  • Perhaps the oddest item in the living room is a yellow diaper pail of the sort used to soak cloth diapers prior to washing that sits close to front door of the apartment In iStakeout Carly uses this pail to clean up trash left by the cops.
  • On a shelf in the kitchen is a cookie time cookie jar that appears identical to one that was used on the set of Friends for many years.
  • In the kitchen most of the fridge magnets appear to be different in every episode.
  • In between the living room and the kitchen is a counter which usually has two red bar stools of the same type as those used in the Groovie Smoothie except in iWant More Viewers and iWant a World Record and iPie when there are three red stools on the episode iPsycho Spencer purchases a granite counter top to replace the broken wooden one but it completely crushes the counter However in subsequent episodes the counter was rebuilt with its original wooden top and the granite top was never used which seems odd given that granite counter tops are quite expensive.


It is unknown if every apartment unit in the buildling has three floors It is speculated that each unit does not have three floors as Marty Klemish lives in 7-C directly below the Shay's residence It is assumed that his apartment unit only has one floor Because of this it can be speculated that The Shay's Apartment is special in comparison with the other apartment units.

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