Schneider's Bakery
Schneider's Bakery
General information
Type Company made by Dan
City Los Angeles, California

Schneider's Bakery is a company that was a spinoff of Tollin Robbins Productions it was founded by Dan Schneider who also serves as the president.


Show Years Episodes Status
Game Shakers Since 2015 Present Still making it
Henry Danger Since 2014 Present Still making it
Sam & Cat 2013-2014 40 As of 2014 Cancelled
Victorious 2010-2013 60 Cancelled
iCarly 2007-2012 109 Just quit making
Zoey 101 2005-2008 65 Cancelled
Drake & Josh 2004-2007 57, + 2 TV Movies Just quit making
The Amanda Show 1999-2002 40 Just quit making
Kenan & Kel 1996-1998 27 (only Dan)
62 as a whole, + 1 TV Movie
Just quit making
All That 1994-2005 183 Just quit making

Dan Schneider only worked on the first two seasons of Kenan & Kel.


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