Ridgeway Junior High School
Ridgeway Junior High School
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Type School
City Seattle, Washington

Ridgeway (Junior) High School is the junior high and high school that the central characters in iCarly attend Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard are two of the teachers that work at Ridgeway Most of the teachers who teach the iCarly trio only make a single appearance such as in iGot Detention (Freddie and Gibby's teacher Carly's teacher) iHave a Lovesick Teacher (Miss Ackerman the iCarly trio's history teacher) In iWant a World Record one of the substitute teachers was named Mr.Buttburn Ridgeway is a combined middle and high school since Carly and her friends have been attending since they were thirteen but Kayla was nine The school may also be a grade school since there were little kids taking pictures of Freddie on the episode iKiss.

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