Ricky Flame
Ricky Flame
Full name

Ricky Flame


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Ricky Flame is an experienced chef for Food TV who made his appearance on the episode iCook He competed with the iCarly gang in a Food Fight segment in which they made Spaghetti Tacos The first judge voted for Ricky the second for iCarly and the third for iCarly handing Ricky Flame a loss He went through great depression after his loss since this was his first loss on Food Fight Eventually he found a kids wrestling program He pointed out that this is a way that he could win all the time and that the enrollment paper stated it was only recommended for younger kids so they technically had to let him compete Kayla and Sam eventually beat him in a fight and it is unknown what happened after that He shrivels up in a nervous breakdown/fetal position when he loses He has a girlfriend named Debbie and his name is a parody of Bobby Flay He is shown to be competitive and obssessed with winning.

He was portrayed by actor Al Espinosa.

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