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Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Lewbert is the mean vain doorman of Carly's apartment He has a large noticeable wart on his left cheek on the episode iFind Lewbert's Lost Love Her over-obsessiveness caused Lewbert to change his name lose his good looks his job as a supermodel moved to Seattle and go crazy He is later sent to jail by smacking a police officer on the face and admitting that he was the one who was stealing the T.V. remotes so he can escape Marta.

He is featured on the bit Messin with Lewbert on iCarly in which Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie pull pranks on him once going so far that they accidentally blew his wart off his face with an exploding muffin basket made to shoot confetti but blew up as an explosive Afterwards he had a short-lived romance with Freddie's mother However this did not last because of his attitude after Freddie fell down the stairs while wearing open-toed shoes which was actually a ruse by Carly, Kayla and Sam to end the relationship.

He is portrayed by Jeremy Rowley.

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