"And... we're clear."
— The last line of the series.

Season 5, Episode 14-15
Airdate November 23, 2012
Production Code 514-515
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 6.43 million
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iBust a Thief

iGoodbye is the fourteenth and fifthteenth episode of the fifth season of iCarly.


Carly is looking forward to going to a father daughter Air Force dance with her dad but to finding out that he is unable to make it home for the dance she becomes extremely unhappy.

Spencer fixes a 1964 Sterling motorcycle Socko wants to give to his cousin Ryder Sam is a big fan of the bike and helps Spencer fixing it but when they finish it Socko gets in a fight with Ryder and gives it to Spencer, Spencer decides to give the motorcycle to Kayla and Sam.

Freddie gets a gigantic new phone from his mother and is constantly made fun of by everyone.

Gibby gets a new replica of his head but gets stuck in the replication machine when he gets out the owner of the shop gives him the head replica for free and also his pet weasel which he hates anyway.

Carly says goodbye to Spencer and personally says goodbye to Freddie, they even have a goodbye kiss then she goes down to have one more goodbye to Spencer, Freddie and Gibby Carly, Kayla and Sam ride down the elevator and Sam gives Carly her remote control.




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  • After Carly leaves in her pajamas Spencer appears from his room very sick rolls over the couch onto the floor then knocks the coffee table over and leaves it lying on its side but in the next shot just as Carly returns the coffee table is standing up again in its usual place then in the next shot when Carly walks past the coffee table it is now lying upside down.
  • The animal in the cage that is given to Gibby by the salesman in the mall is obviously not a weasel it is a ferret.
  • If Gibby had already gotten a head before then salesman would have recognized him unless it was a different salesman.
  • Sam would've needed a licence to drive the motorcycle.
  • Gibby should have already known that Spencer wasn't Carly's father since he helped out with the webcast on the episode iMeet The First Lady.

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