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Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Hollywood is a hobo (Though the iCarly gang thought it was really the location) who lives outside the "Come on Inn" motel in California. The owner of the hotel knows about Hollywood ("It has a great view of Hollywood" "Come out Hollywood").

Hollywood I get the bathtub

"I get in the bathtub"

He is only seen in the episode iTake on Dingo, and is played by Biff Wiff. He interacts with the guests that stay in the room he lives outside of. He prefers the inside better than his

normal home as he attempts to sleep in the bathtub multiple times in the episode. Since there is no window pane, just a hole, he can easily get inside the room. However, he can't get through into the room when the blinds are shut. Carly threatened to beat him up with Kayla and Sam's butter sock if he kept trying to sleep in the bathtub or touch her hair. He was blogged about on It suggests that he enjoys being a hobo from 10 things about Hollywood. He likes fresh underwear.

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