Galaxy Wars
Galaxy Wars
General information
Type Movie
City Seattle, Washington

Galaxy Wars is a fictional movie that was mentioned on iCarly it is also mentioned on Zoey 101 and most of Dan Schneider's other shows.

Known Characters, Objects, Events and Places

  • Nug Nug - iCarly
  • Princess Ablingada - Drake & Josh
  • Red Skynauts - iCarly and Drake & Josh
  • Photon Cruiser - iCarly
  • The Battle of Panthatar - Drake & Josh
  • The Robe of Curiosity - Drake & Josh
  • Planet Of Jubaron - Drake & Josh

Additionally the communicators from Star Trek and Luke Skywalkers and Mace Windu's lightsabers have appeared on iCarly and Drake and Josh and Darth Vader is also mentioned on Drake & Josh.

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