Cuddlefish is a fictional American rock band They were first mentioned on the episode iPilot after Carly had to cancel going to a Cuddlefish concert on a Saturday because Ms. Briggs made her judge the talent show auditions instead.

Cuddlefish was also mentioned on the episode iSpy a Mean Teacher when Terrene captured a picture of Mr. Stern stage diving at a Cuddlefish concert.

Sam traded a T shirt Carly made for her to celebrate their five year anniversary of being friends to Rodney Rip Off Goober in exchange for two tickets to a sold out Cuddlefish concert so she and Carly could attend it together on the episode iDon't Want to Fight on that episode Freddie mentions Carly really likes Cuddlefish it being her favorite band.

Cuddlefish was mentioned on the episode iLike Jake as well When Jake comes over to Carly's apartment and they go upstairs to the webshow area Carly plays a song through the speakers by accident Jake then comments that the song is titled Brake Lights by Cuddlefish.

Cuddlefish is also mentioned on the episode iKiss when Sam lies about having her first kiss at a Cuddlefish concert in a port o potty.

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