General Information
Nickname Carla
Dating Status Close Friends/Best Friends

Carla is a pairing of Carly Shay and Kayla Lee (Car/ly and Kay/la).

Carly and Kayla met when Kayla came to Seattle, Washington Kayla joinded Ridgeway Junior High School Carly and Sam let Kayla join iCarly and she became an iCarly girl Kayla's locker is right next to Carly and Sam's locker Kayla was only nine years old and She was in Carly's Class.

Carly is Kayla's other best friend besides Sam and Kayla did not like it when Carly and Sam fights Carly is the second yonngest iCarly girl and Carly and Kayla was throwing up together on iShock America when they met Jimmy Fallon and Kayla was crying on Carly's Shoulder and sitting next to Sam.


  • Carly and Kayla has threw up together on Season Five.

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