General Information
Nickname Cama
Dating Status Close Friends/Best Friends

Cama is the pairing of Carly Shay, Kayla Lee and Sam Puckett (C/arly S/am and Kayl/a).

Cama Moments

Carly Kayla and Sam doing Gymnastics in the Studio

Carly Kayla and Sam doing Gymnastics!

Kayla Lee

Carly and Kayla met when Kayla came to Seattle, Washington Kayla joinded Ridgeway Middle School Carly and Sam let Kayla join iCarly and she became an iCarly girl Kayla's locker is right next to Carly and Sam's locker Kayla was only nine years old and She was in Carly's Class.

Sam Puckett

Carly and Sam met when they were about eight years old and Sam wanted to steal Carly's tuna sandwich When Carly fought back Sam was impressed and the two eventually became friends To this day they share a close friendship that some fans even think of as romantic to a certain degree.


  • Kayla doesn't like it when Carly and Sam fight.
  • Their biggest fight was on the episode iQuit iCarly.