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Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Cal was a guest star character on the episode iGo Nuclear He helps Carly with her Green Week science project for school to impress Carly's science teacher Spencer hired Cal who lied saying he was a resource reactor inventor His criminal acts are very infamous since he doesn't look like a criminal He builds a project reactor for Carly and she gets an A+ from her science teacher when Mr. Henning, Spencer, Kayla, Sam, and Freddie go to The Groovy Smoothie.

Later the police find Cal at The Groovy Smoothie and chase after him when Cal runs out of the cafe and jumps through the glass door to escape The chief police officer reveals to Carly, Kayla, Sam, Freddie and Spencer that Cal had bought black market uranium to create nuclear power which reveals that Cal built a nuclear powered reactor and Carly had to go to the Root and Berry retreat at the end with Freddie for extra credit.

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