Bushwell Plaza
Bushwell Plaza
General information
Type Apartment Complex
City Seattle, Washington

Bushwell Plaza is the apartment complex that Carly Shay, Spencer Shay and Freddie Benson live in it is located on the west side of Kennedy Square Seattle.

Lewbert worked at Bushwell Plaza as a doorman after he broke up with Marta Trundel after being injured by an iCarly prank gone wrong he was temporarily replaced by Spencer in 2008 while he recuperated because of an injury on the episode iFind Lewbert's Lost Love he was arrested for six months and thirty days for slapping a cop and took the blame for Chuck for stealing TV Remotes so he can get away from Marta who had found him again with the help of the iCarly crew He came back as the doorman sometime before iEnrage Gibby.

Bushwell Plaza is Eastern in real life

Eastern as Bushwell Plaza on iCarly.

According to series creator and director Dan Schneider the building is a former business building that was eventually converted into an apartment complex.

There are multiple elevators in Bushwell Plaza If you walk into the lobby pass the stairs keep going and turn left you will reach the main elevator This elevator can take you to any floor but not into people's apartments.

Some of the apartments lofts as they're called have cargo elevators that run through them like the Shay's apartment does these are special elevators that are NOT accessible by just anyone.

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