Benson's Apartment
Benson's Apartment
General information
Type Freddie and Mrs. Benson's Apartment
City Seattle, Washington

Benson's Apartment is where Freddie lives with his mother Marissa even though T - Bo resides in the guest room which is next to Freddie's bedroom on the episode iQ The first time a room of the apartment was seen was on the episode iSaved Your Life where Freddie's Room was seen The second time the audience sees the living room of the Benson apartment on the episode iStill Psycho It is located at Bushwell Plaza in Seattle, Washington it is Apartment 8-D or 8-H on the episode iGet Pranky The front door of the Benson apartment is often featured on iCarly on the episodes iPilot, iStage an Intervention, iReunite With Missy, iPie, and iGive Away a Car.

Freddie stanging by his Apartment

Freddie standing next to his apartment when he is dating Sam.

Various others areas of the Benson apartment have been featured on iCarly such as the fire escape on the episode iKiss Freddie's bedroom on the episode iSaved Your Life and the Benson's living ropisodeom as well as part of the dining room on the episode iQ.